An actual update

Not sure if you put the two together, but since we don't have the internet at home yet (which is a huge "I HATE AT&T story" for another day) I can only blog from my phone right now, I've been doing a lot of photo updates.

We are selling things on craigslist to get rid of junk we don't need or use. We spent most of the day yesterday organizing the garage so that I can park in there comfortably instead of shoving stuff out of the way every time I pull in. I need a tennis ball hanging like my dad so I know how far to pull in.

We still need to put up a fence in the backyard, which I guess will not happen for several more weeks now since we have plans for weekends... I hate walking General in the morning because he just wants to run after kids going to the bus stop or bark at the garbage truck or just stare into space. I don't really have time for any of these things at 7am.

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Brooke said...

Well luckily school is out in about a week so that will eliminate that problem.