Don't hate me...

But I'm really not a fan of being pregnant. I do think I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't have a terrible pregnancy, but I thought for years that I would just LOVE being pregnant. I thought I'd love feeling the baby move, have a growing belly and all the attention. The truth is, I don't like any of those things. I feel like a bad mother already saying that I don't like to feel him move, but I really like it better when he's asleep and still. I don't like all the banging around and pushing on my bladder. I don't like being able to see his movements through my shirt.

As we approach the third trimester, I'm already looking forward to giving birth and being done with this process. I think the next few weeks will go by quickly and then the holidays always fly by. So, by the time it's Jan. 2, I'll be ready to do this thing. And, that week will be 37 weeks, so maybe he will be ready too.


The sugar

Yesterday, I went to the outpatient lab for my glucose test. You know I have a sweet tooth, so I actually didn't find the super sugary drink too terrible. I'm not a huge fan of orange soda, but it was alright. The part that I didn't like was not being able to drink water for an hour, and I felt like I had eaten too much. I didn't really feel like puking (and wouldn't risk re-doing the test!) but just sort of icky afterward.

Luckily, my results are normal, so I don't have the 'betes or the sugar (whichever slang term you prefer) aka gestational diabetes.

As a coworker says, now I can eat that donut if I want to.


Crazy kid

Last night was a crazy sleep for me. I went to bed after watching the Cardinals win (go birds!) and fell asleep without any problems. Around 3:30 a.m., I woke up to what felt like a seizure/temper tantrum going on in my stomach. I've been feeling the baby move for several weeks now, even on the outside. But this, this was nutso behavior. I got up and walked around a bit (a glimpse into my future, I bet) to see if he would chillax. I think he was mad because I went to bed hungry. He seems to be more active when I'm hungry.

He finally went back to sleep, and so did I. The next time I woke up, it was after a crazy dream. Basically, I was solving Law and Order SVU crimes in the hospital where I work. Just call me Olivia Benson.


Missing my waist

I took this photo as a "before" of our master bath. I should really post about how it looks much better in there now (with simple hardware and lighting upgrades) but instead I am missing that waist and those legs!!

I feel like a bad momma thinking these thoughts, but I'm ready to have my body back. Everything is so mushy nowadays. I can't wait to seriously work out again. I know that many preggo women continue to work out while pregnant, but I'm lacking motivation and flexibility, and I'm so dang tired (and yes I would like cheese to go with my whine).


23 weeks

I had a rough week last week. Trying to fight a cold while pregnant is not a good time. Actually, I'm finding that doing a lot of things while pregnant is not a good time. I am starting to not be able to bend over easily, so cleaning the house (don't worry - they hubs does all of the "chemical cleaning" so I don't breathe in the fumes) or even putting on my shoes is a pain - literally. Last night, I was trying to vacuum under the fridge to get all of the dust off the vent down there. I had to get flat on the floor because sitting and leaning forward was so uncomfortable. And the sad thing is, I know it's going to get much worse!!

Other than that issue, I'm feeling great still. I can eat whatever I want (for the most part I don't have any cravings or food aversions) and this week I started feeling the baby move on the outside. So far, one friend and my sister have been able to feel it. For some reason, the idea of this grosses out my baby daddy, so he's staying away for now. Maybe he'll come around once he can SEE him moving around in there. :)


Nesting project #1

To make room for the baby, I'm slowly cleaning out the current guest bedroom. We had a garage sale this weekend and I sold a bunch of clothes and the nightstand from that bedroom, as well as a lot of "junk." I was pretty pleased with $161 for all of my junk. My parents and sister, and even my grandma, brought over some of their junk to sell too, and total we made about $370. I was proud of that until I talked to the family across the street and found out they made $1,000!!

Anyway, in my cleaning out process, I found some of our wedding stuff. I've been holding on to every RSVP card and every congratulations card that came with a gift for the past five years. The hubs told me it was okay to let them go. I threw away the RSVPs, but I saw on pinterest an idea for a project involving the cards. Some other blogger had made a map of the places they went together, cutting out the map from colored scrap paper. I decided that my wedding cards could easily serve as scrap paper.

So, I sorted all of the cards into a "pretty" and "usable" pile (on the left) and the rest of them for the recycle bin (on the right). 

Then I traced a map from an atlas and cut it out, then traced again on the cards and cut those out - similar to the blogger's instructions. I bought a canvas (with a 40% off coupon so it was only $8) and painted it with some paint I had left over from another project. 

Then I glued with mod podge on the bottom and covered with two thin layers on top. I glued some fun squares as the places-we've-been-already markers ($2.99 in the glitter/bedazzle section)
I'm still considering putting some kind of working on there, but I don't really like "Oh the places we'll go" so much. I'm open to suggestions. Obviously, we need to work on our western states a bit.