34 weeks

We have a break from our weekly NST appointment this week for good behavior (and it's the holidays). I do have a growth ultrasound on Friday to check the fluid levels and see how big this baby is. My guess is 6lbs if he's gaining at the rate the books say he should be.

We still need to finish decorating the nursery and washing his clothes. I also need to pack a bag and buy a b-milk pump. But honestly, if he decided to come out tomorrow, I'm ready. Dad's ready. The dog? Not so much, but he's going to have to deal with it. I've been sitting in the recliner chair in the living room lately to get the dog used to me sitting there and him not on my lap. So far, he likes to sit at my feet and whine when I'm in that chair.


A convo with the OB's nurse

Her: How are things going lately?
Me: pretty good. I think I might have a rash on my stomach though. I have tiny red blotches all over.
Her: Oh honey, those are just your stretch marks starting to come in.



Nursery progress

It's starting to look like an actual nursery in there, but we still have some work to do finding new homes for all of the stuff we used to store in that room.

  That rug is on a trial basis. It doesn't match, but I'm just seeing if I like the idea of putting a rug there.

And a peek of what it really looks like when the closet doors are opened...

The only stuff baby-related in that closet is what is hanging in the organizer thing. Everything else is ours (including all the books on that bookshelf that need to go somewhere else.)


Coming home outfit

As I'm getting everything washed and put away from the shower, I'm on the lookout for the cutest "coming home" outfit for my son. The hubs wants him to come home in something Fighting Illini, but the smallest Illini outfit we have is 3-6 mos and it's second-hand and looks worn. Right now, I think a cute monkey onesie is the top choice, but I might do some shopping still.

Anyway, while I was looking at all this cuteness, I found a sleeper thing that someone gave us that says "Born in 2011." While I do hope that's the case sometimes, I really don't think that's the best option for the youngster.


Shower part #2

Yesterday was my "friend" shower. It was a great time and I have to give props to my friend Katie for planning everything down to the smallest detail with absolute cute-ness. I think everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.

Katie made that It's a Boy! sign! She's so crafty.

This salad was awesome to eat and looks good too!

The cupcakes were delish too, but I think I liked the cake pops better. I didn't get a photo of those...

A cute Cardinals outfit!

These are washcloth cupcakes all the way from Dallas!

This might be my favorite onesie of the day. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies. 

After the shower, I was absolutely exhausted, but stayed up until 10:30pm. I did not MOVE from where I fell asleep until 630am! That has not happened in MONTHS. I usually have to get up for a bathroom break at least twice.


31 weeks

I forgot to post that last week I weighed 236 and today I weighed 238. The little man is growing up a storm and all his hair is giving me some serious heartburn! My hips hurt. My back (only on the left side) hurts and my arches hurt if I don't wear tennis shoes all day.

He's a little swimmer, kicking and throwing his arms every which way, at all times. Even during fetal monitoring yesterday, he was moving the entire time and the Dr. came in to say "wake him up, he's not moving enough." After that, he decided to move away from the heart rate monitor and I could not find it again for the next 10 minutes. Such a brat already!!


Too much fluid

Last week at the OB appointment, I found out I am carrying too much amniotic fluid. She didn't seem to make a HUGE deal out of it, but at the same time, wants to monitor me weekly from here on out. So I was shuffled into another room to be hooked up to the same monitors you wear when in labor. I sat there for 30 minutes sans contraction, so I was free to go. I'm not sure what will happen if I do have a contraction while sitting there (I have Braxton Hicks all the time now) but I definitely know to bring more entertainment than just my phone next time.

From what I gather, too much amniotic fluid can cause preterm labor or for the cord to come gushing out when my water breaks and be under the the baby's head, which would cut off his oxygen = instant c-section. He could also wrap himself up in the cord and get all tangled.