A convo with the OB's nurse

Her: How are things going lately?
Me: pretty good. I think I might have a rash on my stomach though. I have tiny red blotches all over.
Her: Oh honey, those are just your stretch marks starting to come in.



Katie O. said...

Does it itch or seem to be spreading? There really is a kind of rash that only pregnant women get, so it might not be stretch marks afterall!

Sarah with a Sweet Tooth said...

my entire stomach itches every day, but it doesn't look like that pic. It's definitely stretch marks now that they are getting bigger. They started as just little red dots, but are now forming lines and I can tell they are darker under the skin.

Katie O. said...

Bummer. :( Are you doubling down on the moisturizer at least? Itching drives me insane! I hope it calms down soon.