Zucchini Chips

I saw some zucchini chips on pinterest today and came home to make them for dinner. Of course, the hubs wanted no part of these things and had canned green beans instead. I thought they were okay, not amazing, but might be better dipped in some ranch dressing - if you like that sort of thing.

I dipped them in fat-free milk, then a mixture of bread crumbs/shredded parmesan/garlic salt. I didn't measure, so just do what you think looks good. I put too much salt, so go easy on the salt. Then bake at 425 for 30 min.

Ignore my classy green-lid photography. I just grabbed a tupperware lid because I didn't want to throw them on the bare table.


I'm around...

Just not here. I don't mean to neglect you, but I'm sorry to say that I've been a bad blogger lately. Please forgive me.


Makes me smile

My favorite orange flowers are blooming at the house! I think they are tiger lilies but not quite sure.


Plate of food

Have ya'll seen the food plate yet? It's Michelle Obama's revamped food pyramid. I don't hate it, except for the fact that I think the bigger issue is portion control. The plate doesn't say that it's only 8 inches, or however big a normal plate should be. It doesn't say how big that glass of dairy is. It might help some who are really struggling to understand the food pyramid because I do think it is a simplified version. I know where I work (in health care)  that our diabetes patients who have a low reading ability are taught what they should eat on a similar set up. They have a plate and are taught to fill it with the correct portions of fruit/veggies/grains/meat on a computer - almost like a game of Tetris. They try to fit the correct food group into the corresponding slot.

What are your thoughts? Is this plate going to help the obesity epidemic? My guess is not much.