Does anyone know of a good vet/doggie doctor for the general on the East side?

live from fort bragg: chiefy beefy

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Potty talk

At work there are 2 womens bathrooms available. One is a multi-stall the other is a onesie. The single-Toilet door has a sign that says "in use" or "available" that slides back and forth. Last week I followed some woman to the bathroom (both are close together) and she chose to go into the onesie. I watched her slide the sign to say "in use" and proceed into the bathroom. The funny thing is, she did not LOCK THE DOOR. Maybe some people think that sign is good enough to prevent others from entering, but I don't even look at that sign if I need to go into that stall (and there's only one reason to go in that bathroom, so I would think you would absolutely want the door locked.)

Anyways, just thought I'd share.


Weekend in bullets

  • Last Chance hot tub before we move to our new house
  • puttzed around in the new backyard, estimating a new fence placement
  • gave General a bath
  • ate at Penn Station Subs for the first time- BIG fan.
  • helped KT work on her save the date cards
  • worked on my derby party outfit
  • spent quality time with the hubs


Front Row Friday Night

We had a gift of front row seats to the cardinal game Friday night. Thanks to Doug and Jenny for inviting us!! It was awesome!!!!


Doug and Jenny's wedding in photos

I didn't really get a photo of Doug, but here's the beautiful bride.

Josh the ringbearer being cute

Josh's little bro Sam - also looking cute.

My man the usher.


houses and hats

It looks like the PNH will be our new house very soon. We close May 6, which is almost exactly 2 weeks away. I feel pretty confident every thing will work out between now and then. While the hubster and I are going insane waiting for these two weeks to go by quickly, the good news is we will be spending 5 of those days in North Carolina at Fort Bragg and celebrating the KY derby.

I'm probably putting way too much effort into my outfit, but I've been thinking about it for about a week straight! I finally bought a hat at Target, and tonight my plan is to bake my new fav muffins and put some decorative ribbon on my new hat! (very exciting huh?)


DishNetwork: read my blog!

Hey DishNetwork,

Do you monitor blogs? If so, you should read this one. I am a very unsatisfied customer. I have been a loyal dish customer - despite the wishes of my husband - for more than 4 years now. Maybe that's not long in your books, but for me it's a pretty long time.

So as a loyal customer, when I called you to ask if you would pause my service during my move, I was slightly upset when your customer service rep told me no. I could go ahead and pay dishmover to move my receiver for $100. The problem with that is, I have nowhere for your dishmover buddies to move it. We have no relocation location YET. I tried to tell you that I was unhappy and that all I wanted was to pause my service. Verizon will let me do this. Gold's Gym will let me do this. Both were very easy to work with and said no problem, they would charge me $5/month to pause my contract, and to let them know when I was settled.

You, dishnetwork, on the other hand are a bunch of jerks. Not only would you help a girl out, but you upped my monthly fee that I'm paying for NOTHING $5 witihout telling me.

So dish, I have some bad news. In three months my contract will be up and guess who will finally get his wish? That's right. My hubby will extremely happy when I let him transfer our services to DIRECTV. I hope you don't miss our $60/month that you could have kept with just a little bit of something I like to call "customer service."


Lamb cake

Rusty made a lamb cake for Easter. The better tasting cake was the one behind it - lemon coconut. I liked the inside of the lamb - which was pound cake.

Really, I like any kind of cake, but I wanted to show you how cute the lamb looked.


Happy Easter

I feel the need to make a non-house related post, so happy Easter! 

Hubby just left this morning to go to his own family's easter, while I'm going to my family's. I don't really like spending holidays apart, but when you live in two cities and work in two cities, it's just easier to do our own thing.

We spent the weekend hanging out. Hubby went golfing yesterday and I hung out with my sister and Muggins. We went to dinner last night with my parents at Old Spaghetti Factory which is where we had our very first date. Going there always reminds me of our beginnings. It's crazy to think we have come so far and are very close to buying our second home together. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.


YAY!!! inspection over.

So most of the thing found by our excellent inspector were very minor. No roof needed. No mold. No black mold. No huge things at all. We are both very relieved and ready to move in. We are going to have to push back the closing date a week or so, but I think it will work out better that way anyways. We are going to North Carolina to see Chief's mom and dad, so this way we move in after that trip versus the weekend before. That does mean we will pay an extra month of storage, but I guess it will give us plenty of time to get the carpets cleaned before we move in.

AND I just locked in our mortgage rate. First one to guess it correctly wins a prize.


Big Day today.

Today is the inspection on the PNH.

Also going to the Cardinals game and hoping for the sun to stay out long enough to finish the game.

Wish us good luck on both!


Back on track

The PNH is back on track. Apparently all of the bitches have signed our contract, and will be sent to our agent tomorrow morning. We now have to get the house de-winterized so that the inspector can fully inspect things. We're hoping to get that taken care of later this week.

After the inspection, we'll be ready to roll and move into our PNH.