10 months!

My sweet sweet boy is 10 months old!! I can't believe he's so close to turning one. Then we'll be in years, not months. I booked his one-year photo shoot this morning. I'm loving the photos his photographer is posting on her facebook page, so hopefully we'll get some equally cute ones too.

What is my boy up to these days? Walking. That's what. Walking and trying to get out of what we call the "baby-dome." The baby-dome is the baby-safe area of the house that includes his room, the living room and the front foyer. He cannot get to the kitchen, bathrooms or bedrooms. If he manages to escape the baby-dome, he immediately starts grunting and breathing loudly to let us know his mischievous side is out, and heads straight for the dog's water bowl.

His favorite things to eat are meat products. No surprise there. If we give him chicken he shoves it in by the fist-full and mmmms while he's chewing. We let him try the bratwurst we made last weekend and he LOVED it. He could not get enough of it. Honestly, mom couldn't either. I ate two. :)

At his last pediatrician appointment (9months) he weighed 25lb 4oz, was 30in tall and was at the 90th percentile for those two numbers and his head circumference. BIG boy.


Steroid injection

The MRI results showed I do have a tiny bulge exactly in the same spot that I had surgery. BOOO.

That means I still can't pick up anything over 10lbs. That means I still can't be left alone with my child. That means I will probably have to have surgery again.

I'm having a steroid injection on Monday - that wasn't even an option because the disc was so bulged that there was no room to insert any thing in that space. Hopefully that will make the bulge go back in on its own. We wait 6 weeks and see. If it doesn't, I'll most likely have surgery again.


Another MRI

At my 6-week post-op check up, my neurosurgeon said I should not be having any pain whatsoever. So, I have another MRI this week to find out what's going on. He said it could just be swollen still from the surgery or I've irritated it somehow. It could also be that the disc has re-herniated = worst case.

He put me on a drug called Lyrica that is supposed to help with nerve pain. I started taking it one week ago today and took half the dose prescribed (1x/day instead of 2) all week. In that time, I was definitely dizzy, exhausted and gained four pounds. The side effects are mostly dizziness, fatigue and weight gain. However, I was pain free and actually felt like myself for the first time in about a year.

I stopped taking it Friday when I stepped on the scale. Right now, I'd rather be in a small amount of pain than gain four lbs every week. We'll see how I feel later this week.


9 months

My little man is SOCLOSE to walking. He took several teeny steps (covering about 2 feet of ground) between me and the ottoman tonight.

He's wearing 18-month clothing, and needs to get some shoes since he is so close to walking. The size 1.5 and 2 are waaaay too small. I held up a size 3 at the store and they didn't really look big enough either.

He sleeps through the night again - mostly 9p-7a

He loves apples, green beans, cantaloupe, yogurt, sweet potatoes, turkey, cheese and eating whatever mom is eating.

I moved all the plastic containers to one cabinet on the lower level so he can play in "his cabinet" while I clean the kitchen every night. He loves my large water cup with the plastic straw from the hospital.