Another MRI

At my 6-week post-op check up, my neurosurgeon said I should not be having any pain whatsoever. So, I have another MRI this week to find out what's going on. He said it could just be swollen still from the surgery or I've irritated it somehow. It could also be that the disc has re-herniated = worst case.

He put me on a drug called Lyrica that is supposed to help with nerve pain. I started taking it one week ago today and took half the dose prescribed (1x/day instead of 2) all week. In that time, I was definitely dizzy, exhausted and gained four pounds. The side effects are mostly dizziness, fatigue and weight gain. However, I was pain free and actually felt like myself for the first time in about a year.

I stopped taking it Friday when I stepped on the scale. Right now, I'd rather be in a small amount of pain than gain four lbs every week. We'll see how I feel later this week.

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