Movin on up!

So the new Mr. and Mrs. are on their honeymoon and I'm house-sitting. For whatever reason, they left their house pretty much a disaster. Imagine how gross lettuce, chicken and beer at the bottom of a trash can (leaking out of the bag) would smell after a week of rotting...

I'm just happy to have a place of my own for a week. Just me and the pugster livin it up in Shrewsbury. Since the world came crashing down ontop of Washington DC today, this is probably the last time I'll be on my own for a LONG time since no one is going to buy my house. Even if they wanted to, I bet they couldn't get a loan right now. So I'll just live with my parents...

Does anyone else watch Days right now? If so, we should discuss.


Photos from Emily and Rusty's wedding

From Emily and Rusty's wedding
Bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner.

Emily and Rusty aka "Russ" as an adult.


The entire group minus family

Dad and his girls - all grown up

Emily getting ready for her wedding

Flower shot

Mom and me lacing up Emily's dress

This was a long process...

Waiting for picture time

From Emily and Rusty's wedding

Rusty waiting for the ceremony to start

They are now husband and wife, and on the party bus!!!

Love it.

At the Demenil House taking photos after the ceremony.

Russ and the bridesmaids


posing for photos

At Tower Grove Park

Rusty said "I don't do dips." Apparently he does.

I thought this was a good "artistic" shot.

Another artsy shot at the reception

My main squeeze and my good buddy Katie

Cutting the cake

Some guy pulled my grandma onto the dance floor! It was awesome!!

Newly en-fianced Denise and Stockton stopped by to say hi. This is Denise, me and Katie at the end of the night.


My desk

photo blog from wireless

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Check out that shopping cart!


Time to House-sit

Tonight I went to my first ever work happy hour. I only stayed for a little while because I had to go get my nails done for the wedding, but I did have a good time having girl-talk with some of the ladies in my office suite. Some employees from another hospital that we share our suite with came out so it was nice to meet them.

In other news, Emily and I came up with a most-excellent plan for next week. Because she will be gone on her honeymoon, my parents are going to be watching their 90-lb puppy Muggins. Due to the fact that Muggins is a bully to my pup and the other dogs in the neighborhood, we decided the best thing I could do would be to house-sit her house so General has a safe zone to live in. Double bonus: only 10 min from work instead of 25!!


Mexican Food Tonight

Today starts the official wedding festivities, for this MOH anyways. We are having dinner at Emily and Russ' new place. It's a pretty cute house, but its dang small and all these relatives are supposed to be eating din-din together. I'm just glad my hater-of-all-small-spaces-husband is not coming with me. Should be interesting to say the least.


This Weekend

From the night Emily and Russ got engaged:

To this weekend.... My baby sister is getting married.

It's a little scary to think that the girl I used to claw at, pull hair out of and play "OH NO!" with is grown-up enough to get married. Although she's dated Russ since she was 17, and they've been together for like 8 years, it still seems like she's a youngster. I keep picturing the sweet little face that looked up into the video camera dad was holding and asked "whaddya doin?" and then bored with dad's response, "can I go down the street and play with Daniel?" Where is that sweet little face now? It's currently morphed into the bridezilla face we have all learned to accommodate the past few months. (I'm praying Bridezilla will go away on Sunday.)

Of course I'm extremely happy and proud of my sister and I will be standing at her side on Saturday as Matron of Honor, welcoming Russ as my only brother into the family.


how to ping?

Does anyone know how I can ping to

my hand is next to the flower

I took this picture at a winery near Carbondale. That is my huge hand next to that huge flower. It looks like the dimension will fool the eye, but trust me, that's one big ass flower.


Keeping up with the Joneses

We had a great weekend with our friends the Jonesies. We went to a couple of wineries (specifically Pomona, Alto and Von Jakob) outside of Carbondale. Unfortunately, I left my camera on the table because I had just taken a bunch of pictures of my beeeeeautiful roses outside. I got pretty de-runk because I love me some wine. Pomona has this really great Orchard Spice wine, but I thought it was a little too spice-heavy for a lot of drinking. We opted with another apple wine and it was awesome. After that we switched to a blush at Alto and then another apple at Von Jakob. Day-time drunk makes for a tired Sarah and I crashed around midnight.

Today, Rach and I went to the mall and I found a really cute dress for Emily's rehearsal dinner for only $9.98!! How great is that!? I bought one a couple weeks ago, but it was $75 so it will be going back to the store.


Mrs. Civic Here

Tomorrow will be our first day with the new civic. Since I have zero time off built up at the new job, hubby is coming to get the truck from me at work, drive out to the dealer (who gave us a pretty good deal on the car btw), pick up General from my parents' house and then go back to IL for the football game tomorrow night.

As for my experience with the dealer (Stephen Vincel Honda), I've found that I like working with the internet specialist and working out the price that way, but only if they are computer-savvy enough to figure out how to communicate well online. Some of the dealers would only send pre-fab emails and make me call them. Some would not answer all of my questions in one email, and make me ask several times. Others didn't believe me when I was trying to compare prices... so I went with the dealer who seemed to know what they were talking about. When I went the other night to test-drive, the dude I was emailing wasn't there, but his helper chick was awesome to work with. She knew what she was talking about, didn't try to up-sell me and was helpful overall. Last night when I closed the deal, Helper Chick wasn't there, so I had to work with the Internet Dude. He was one of those techie people that knows what they are doing on the computer, but has zero people skills. And he's slow. I was there for over an hour for what should have only taken about 20 min.

So that's what I think about my new dealer in case you were interested. NEW CAR TOMORROW!!! WHOOOO!!!!


Someone please buy our house.

So none of my readers want to comment I guess... If anyone even followed me over here. I guess only the future will tell.

In other news, no one is looking at our house. Who could blame them with the way the stock market is going to crap? It's pretty depressing though. Football season is over in six weeks. It takes about six weeks to close on a house. Michael is planning on moving up to the 'Lou when football is over. Where are we going to live? He can't move into mom and dad's. We can't really live with anyone else I know, unless my aunt and uncle wanted to let us move into their basement. But then I'm driving downtown to work from St. Chuck and I don't really like the idea of that.

If you are reading this and know of someone who is considering buying a nice, well-kept 3-bed/1bath house in Unity Point school district in Carbondale, tell them we'll cut them a good deal.


Mr. and Mrs. Civic

So we're looking at buying a new car and trading in Michael's truck. He will be taking over my manual civic and I think I'm going to get a new civic.

The civic is the only car that we can both agree on, that is also a good deal. The civic is a smart purchase right now, especially with last weekend's hurricane affecting the gas prices practically overnight. We want something that we can drive for several years. Comparing a camry with a civic's gas mileage, driving an average of 3300 miles in a month (which is what I drove last month), we would spend an extra $125/month in gas plus an extra $10 in car payments. The main reasons we want to buy a new car:

1. truck just rolled over 75k miles.
2. truck has something wrong with it. we need to invest in keeping it for a while and fix it or get rid of it.
3. truck loan has 9.5 interest rate.
4. sarah needs an automatic in STL traffic.
5. gas prices are on the rise my friend.



Do you think rollerblading is a sport? Surely if figure skating and trampoline jumping are considered sports, then so is rollerblading.

My biggest struggle with rollerblading is going fast enough to make it worthwhile, and keeping my mouth closed, as to refrain from eating bugs for my four-mile trek through Fenton park.


My favorite pic right now

Me and my hubby at a recent wedding in Chicago. He loves having his picture taken.

About Me

  • My favorite sweet is probably cheesecake, but cookies are close if they are soft and moist. (that's what she said.)
  • I love watching my husband coach football.
  • My dog's name is General. He's a pug.
  • I've been married for almost 2 years.
  • I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist.
  • I love my job.


New Digs

I've been blogging since Dec. 2001. That's almost seven years. I was a sophomore in college back then. I blogged about going to class, going out drinking and skipping class to go out drinking. Back then, only a few people knew what a blog is.

Now, everyone including my grandma has a blog. Like the internet, I've grown up quite a bit too. I'm an adult through-and-through. I'm married. I have a regular sleep schedule. I have a "real job." and I live in the "real world." Even though I'm all grown up, I still have a sweet tooth that is continually my downfall.