Someone please buy our house.

So none of my readers want to comment I guess... If anyone even followed me over here. I guess only the future will tell.

In other news, no one is looking at our house. Who could blame them with the way the stock market is going to crap? It's pretty depressing though. Football season is over in six weeks. It takes about six weeks to close on a house. Michael is planning on moving up to the 'Lou when football is over. Where are we going to live? He can't move into mom and dad's. We can't really live with anyone else I know, unless my aunt and uncle wanted to let us move into their basement. But then I'm driving downtown to work from St. Chuck and I don't really like the idea of that.

If you are reading this and know of someone who is considering buying a nice, well-kept 3-bed/1bath house in Unity Point school district in Carbondale, tell them we'll cut them a good deal.


Sharon said...

U lead . . . I follow :)

Tim Frizzell said...

Hi Sarah! I miss your face! Sorry about the house--Put it on EBay..maybe that will work.:) Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Sarah - I followed you here :)

I do hope that someone buys your house soon.

keep writing.


Brooke said...

The houses that were for sale in our neighborhood sat for a year. We still have a house across the street sitting empty. Ebay isn't a bad idea. Who knows?