Keeping up with the Joneses

We had a great weekend with our friends the Jonesies. We went to a couple of wineries (specifically Pomona, Alto and Von Jakob) outside of Carbondale. Unfortunately, I left my camera on the table because I had just taken a bunch of pictures of my beeeeeautiful roses outside. I got pretty de-runk because I love me some wine. Pomona has this really great Orchard Spice wine, but I thought it was a little too spice-heavy for a lot of drinking. We opted with another apple wine and it was awesome. After that we switched to a blush at Alto and then another apple at Von Jakob. Day-time drunk makes for a tired Sarah and I crashed around midnight.

Today, Rach and I went to the mall and I found a really cute dress for Emily's rehearsal dinner for only $9.98!! How great is that!? I bought one a couple weeks ago, but it was $75 so it will be going back to the store.

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