14 months

I can't believe he's 14 months old!! I will probably say that every month from now on. We had a great Easter weekend visiting friends and family but I'm glad to be home. Every time we travel, we usually end up letting him sleep in bed with us at some point. Mostly we do that to refrain from waking up the rest of the house with his cries. The negative repercussions of doing that happen when we get back home - we have to re-sleep-train the first few nights back. I hate it.

A few updates about the boy:

  • he has 6.5 teeth in and he's working on a few more that are very close. 
  • he is just now getting the concept of chewing food and is interested in putting the spoon into food and then into is his mouth. Most of the time, he just swallows things whole though so we are still tearing or cutting up food into bite-size pieces. 
  • he had his first sip of soda the other day on accident - luckily it was just sprite that my dad left within the boy's reach.
  • he weighs 29 lbs, but I'm not sure how tall he is. He likes to weigh himself on our scale, so we have a pretty good sense of his weight. ;)
  • he is in mostly 18-month clothes still but his PJs are getting pretty tight. he's wearing size 5 extra wide shoe. (the pink shirt is 2T)
  • he is a busy body. I'm not sure if all babies are this way, but I'm guessing they are. He is just non-stop busy. Most of the time I love it, but it's exhausting in a non-baby-proofed house. We went to visit friends with a son two weeks older than our boy this weekend. It was awesome because they had tons of toys and a blocked of area that we can pretty much let them do what they want. We found out that a tunnel is a pretty sweet toy and we might need to keep our eyes out for one.


Crossfit, say what?

A few weeks ago, the hubs encouraged me to do a crossfit workout of the day, or WOD. I was doing squats and that particular workout was focused on the legs. The workout was 3 rounds of:
-run .125 mile
-100 walking lunges
-50 squats

OMG I have never been so sore in my life. It only took me about 33 minutes to do that workout, but it was intensely difficult for someone who is just getting back into working out regularly after almost 1.5 years.

I've been doing the WOD for a few weeks now since then. I can do most workouts at home with the equipment we have, but things like climbing a rope or doing 5000 meters on a row machine are not really possible. I'm still weighing in about the same - last week was 218, this week 215, but my pants are feeling just the slightest bit looser - and that's what I really care about. I am only wearing about a quarter of my closet right now. And I hate it. It will be so awesome to be comfortable in my own clothes again.


Catching up

I think life is moving faster exponentially since the birth of our baby. How is that even possible? It seems like we just celebrated his birthday party. I realized today that I have not taken a picture of the child since his birthday party, which was the first week of February. I have taken a few videos on my phone, but I don't really count those. I need to get back in the habit of taking monthly photos to document his life. He's changing so quickly these days.

That reminds me that I wanted to do a yearbook for each year of his life. Of course I want to remember him growing up, but I also want to do it for the hubs and me to have as memories. I started making books of trips or big events after I made one for our wedding and it was so easy! I used and loved it, but I might switch to after reading some reviews online.

The other night the hubs says "I have a hankerin for some ice cream or a frosty." My response was that I have a hankerin to fit in my pants again.

Two weeks ago I weighed in at 218, last week was 215.6. I weigh in again tomorrow. I really only get on the scale once a week and the hubs tends to do it less than me. However, the child has apparently seen one of us do it enough that he is now running to the scale every time he gets in our bathroom (we keep our door shut most of the time). He knows how to tap it, then step on it. He weighed 28.2 lbs last week (at 13 months) if you are interested. ;)