The Bitches.

So the bitches that own the PNH are a "big conglomerate" as my agent puts it. Apparently we were wheeling and dealing with some peon in said company, and now our contract is sitting on some manager's desk waiting for approval. We were supposed to have the PNH inspected today, but the bitches said no, we could not inspect until management signs contract.

We are pissed.



The Possible New House, or PNH is being inspected on Tuesday. I drove by PNH today and took a bunch of photos of the outside of the house, along with some peering-through-the-blinds shots of the inside to show mom and dad when they return from Phoenix tonight. Its funny how I should be studying for my final tomorrow night, but instead I thought "I should really blog about looking at the PNH."

Should we get PNH, we close in a mere 26 days. I know that is too long for hubby, but I think it will go by pretty fast. We already have plans to see a Cardinal's game, watch his cousin get married and he's going to a coaching clinic, all before the PNH becomes The New House.

And now, a literal sneak peak into the PNH.

Seriously, House Hunter's... why haven't you called us? We could totally do the show now that we have our house picked out.



So we counter-ed all week back and forth. I think we have come to an agreement, pending the inspection. I have this sick feeling in my stomach that there's something terribly wrong with the guts of this house, so I'm trying not to get too attached. I LOVED the inside of the house, the vaulted cathedral ceilings, the layout, the neighborhood. But I can't help think "what if?"

Now we inspect.


WW update

On the weight watcher front, things are going well. I'm still losing, with a few ups and downs. Mostly my problems are on the weekends and eating out/too much sweets.

I have managed to lose 12 lbs as of this morning, and people are starting to notice, which is a good feeling. The bad part is, very few of my pantaloons fit... Luckily I'm going shopping with CMT this weekend while the boys are drafting fantasy baseballs.



We made an offer. They countered. We countered back. Now we are waiting, which is extremely difficult for a non-patient person such as myself. If they won't come down, I think we are going to continue our search and find something else.

I did fax the last 2 years worth of our financial history to our loan officer yesterday, which took a considerable amount of research. I'm glad I'm semi-organized (even though hubby would probably disagree with that statement.)


My Atypical Sunday Night

Yesterday on the way home from my father-in-law's I had get some documents out of our file cabinet, which is currently residing in our storage unit. At the back of the storage unit...

So to get to said file cabinet, I climbed over the washer, dryer, treadmill, then under the dining room table, under the foosball table and crouch between the gas grill and the foosball table to reach the file cabinet, in the dark using my cell phone as a flash light. Then I had to turn the file cabinet around and unlock it to get my documents and climb back out. I was pretty proud of myself.

Then when I stopped to get gas, I left my sweet puppy in the car with the keys in it, and he decided to get upset that I was leaving him in the car. He jumped up on the window ledge, where his foot landed right on the lock button, locking himself and the keys in the car...

These two events made for quite a long evening.


house talk.

Looking for a house is such a huge, semi-permanent decision, that hubby and I are having a tough time trying to decide which house we want. So many factors to consider - square footage, lot size, location, school district, neighbors, gum ball trees, not to mention the inside of the house...

I wish I could just let someone else make the decision for me. When we bought our last house (our first house) we only looked at one house, and it was in a great location for me to get to work, the price was right and it was the best school district in c-dale, so we signed on the dotted line no questions asked.

We loved that house, but after only six months, the furnace went out and we discovered that the wiring was so twisted that hubby couldn't even figure it out. And the neighbors across the street are complete pigs. They are the type of people who keep their RV parked outside and NEVER EVER drive it. Instead, their 17 year-old-daughter used it as her little private area to take her boyfriends...

We are trying so hard not to be duped again with this next house. We plan to stay there longer than 4 years and will start our family in this house. It has to be a good decision.


New house?

I think we might have found a house to buy. It's the first house we have both liked simultaneously, and has most of our requirements. One thing it does lack is a dishwasher, but I'm told it will not be that difficult to install one.

The house is really cute, all brick ranch-style on a dead-end street. It has 3-beds and 2.5 baths plus a "bonus" room in the basement that we will use as a guest bedroom. The basement also already has a really nice wet bar.

So, we're discussing making an offer amongst ourselves and with our agent. We close 3/24 on the C-dale house, so we have just a few more things to move out before we are completely living in storage.


Hubby and I are both extremely frustrated at this point. Last August we fell in love with so many houses only to watch them slip away while we waited to sell our house. Now that we are itching to buy, we can't seem to find anything we can agree to both like.

I liked the first two-story we looked at on Monday, but hubby did not. It is at the top of our price range, and old-lady decorated, but I liked it for the most part.

Hubby seems to like the foreclosed houses best. I agree that they have more potential, but they also come with more baggage and require some work. Right now, he likes one in O'Fallon which I'm okay with because it has better schools and is a booming area = $$ ROI.

We are looking at that foreclosed house and another older house in Belleville tomorrow. The house in Bellevegas comes with a hot tub. Maybe our days of hot-tubbing at the mansion are limited, but it would be awesome if we had our own little hot tub to enjoy every day!



Hubby and I spent the day Saturday moving approximately one half of our belongings into a storage unit on the East Side. It has completely amazed me that when I moved out of my dorm room freshman year of college, I fit all my stuff into 1 car trip, most of it into 2 large rubbermaid tubs that I used throughout college to haul stuff back and forth. In a few short years, I have combined stuffs with another human and now we have more than one large u-haul truck can handle.

Next weekend, my parents and a couple of hubby's friends are going to help us load up the rest of our crap. We looked at 5 houses today, none of which are worth mentioning again here. I will say that whoever thought blue carpet accented with blue walls and an orange ceiling/trim work would show their ILLINI spirit, did not consider the re-sale value of their house. We are looking at two more tomorrow, one of which looks pretty promising on the internets.


Lean times

All week I've been doing some training at work, which has been extremely intense. We barely pause for enough time to pick up our box lunch of the table in the corner of the room. Bathroom breaks are taken as needed individually as to not interrupt the flow of the training.

Even though it's been so crazy, I've actually really enjoyed learning about Lean. And, I think I'm pretty good at it. I might consider a career change depending on the amount of money they are willing to pay me.

So because I haven't been in the office all week, and we are constantly searching for a new house, and on top of that I have a TON of grad school work to do.... Things are a little hectic in my head right now.