Goal = not met

I'm a little disappointed in myself, but at the same time I've been happily living my life and it's hard to lose weight. I wanted to lose enough weight to be able to wear a bikini in Key West. Our trip is almost here, and I'm pretty sure I actually weigh 1 more pound than when I set that goal... I still have time to rectify that 1 lb, but still.

It's frustrating, but at the same time I know that I did not really give it my all. I didn't make myself work out every single day. I ate a donut at one point in the office. I went to jack in the box for lunch last week and got a free, but greasy sandwich with my coworkers. I think the hardest thing about losing weight is finding a balance that allows you to eat socially with friends (admit it, most of your friends are not dieting) and work out enough to counter the eating out. I find it so hard to say no I'd rather eat my lean cuisine than go to my favorite deli down the street with all my work friends.

So here we are. Very soon I'll be wearing a new swimsuit that I bought because it covers my long torso well. The up-side is, I'll still be enjoying mojitos on the beach with my husband and some friends. And one of those nights, I'll be watching my best friend since I was 16 tie the knot at sunset on that beach.

Even though I didn't meet my goal, I have waaaay more things to be happy about.


Birthdays and Vacuums

My husband is 29 today. We are spending the night at home, after having gone out to eat twice in the last week to celebrate. I didn't really get him anything yet, but I want to get him/us a new coffeemaker. He's also still working on building his keezer, which is not a super-cheap project, so that also counts as part of his birthday present.

In other news of the past week, I finally bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I've had my eye on the Animal Ball for a while now. They were on sale at Target for $439 so I decided to snag one. So far, I've used it on carpet, tile and on the couch. I'm pretty pleased with the results and love seeing the canister fill up with puggie hair. If the dog didn't bark at the dang thing so much I'd try to vacuum him directly to get the hair straight from the source!



I just made my very first batch of peanut butter! Next up: almond butter

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At work, we have photo contests. We all bring in photos and hang them on the cube walls for everyone to walk by and talk about. I think it's a way for my boss to sneak in some teambuilding. In December, we all brought in our best/worst kid with santa photos. Last week we brought in wedding/prom photos for Valentine's Day. I decided to be brave and hang up one of each.

My high school prom photo was pretty much the peak of my not-pretty time. I was overweight and had not yet figured out how to deal with curly hair and bushy eyebrows.

Once I got through my first year of college, I decided to make a change. I started wearing my curly hair with curls and joined weight watchers. I lost some weight that summer, but I think I really transformed junior and senior year of college.

Everyone at work had no idea who that girl in the picture was! It was strange because they didn't really believe me that those two people were really the same person. Sometimes I think it's great that no one knows me - for example when I run in to people from high school who used to tease me about my weight - but other times it would be nice if you could still see it in my face that I'm the same person.




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I am a rockstar!!!

After a couple of months sans treadmill, I finally decided to brave the unknown world of treadmill innards and dissect the dang thing myself. I was secretly hoping the hubs would take over for me, but I was the one who decided "we should do this ourselves instead of paying someone to do it" against his wishes. So I put it off throughout the holidays and was doing the shred DVD throughout January, but now I'm to the point where I want my treadmill back!

So this weekend I opened her up and successfully managed to replace the motherboard (or whatever you call that green computer thing is called) and it works!!!!!

No excuses now.


The root cause

I think my biggest problem is night-time snacking. I do so well at work, eating only what are "planned points" but then I get home and know I only have X points left in the day, but continue to eat. I've been trying to make better choices and eat only fruit or healthy snacks, but I know I'm going over anyway.

I'm still doing "the shred" and I've bumped it up to Level II for a while. I haven't really mastered Level II, but I'm much more comfortable doing it now. I slacked last weekend and spent the entire weekend reading Dan Brown's latest book The Lost Symbol. I paid for that on the scale. I did not lose any weight last week. I keep telling myself that the scale is not the only thing I should worry about, but on weight watchers that dang weigh-in forces you to keep track of it.

And that was my random rambling for the day.


Traffic sucks.

Most people in my office come in around 830am. For me, traffic is absolutely horrible now that a major highway is open again after being closed for the past two years. So I asked the boss if I could flex my hours and come in at 730 instead. This is working out much better for me. I get to go to work sans traffic and come home sans traffic, which is overall better for everyone around me. Traffic was making me arrive at work in a bad mood and come home pissed at the world.

This way, I can spend more time with this guy: