The root cause

I think my biggest problem is night-time snacking. I do so well at work, eating only what are "planned points" but then I get home and know I only have X points left in the day, but continue to eat. I've been trying to make better choices and eat only fruit or healthy snacks, but I know I'm going over anyway.

I'm still doing "the shred" and I've bumped it up to Level II for a while. I haven't really mastered Level II, but I'm much more comfortable doing it now. I slacked last weekend and spent the entire weekend reading Dan Brown's latest book The Lost Symbol. I paid for that on the scale. I did not lose any weight last week. I keep telling myself that the scale is not the only thing I should worry about, but on weight watchers that dang weigh-in forces you to keep track of it.

And that was my random rambling for the day.

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