Work it at the store

When the hubs and I go grocery shopping together, we usually get a cart and spend much more than if I go by myself. I'm sure that's typical for most couples. We do our "big" grocery shopping together, but there are a lot of times throughout the week that one of us will stop on the way home to pick up a few more items.

Tonight, I stopped on the way home from work (in the pouring rain!!) to get a few things we don't keep on hand (bacon, half and half, celery and onion) for baked potato soup tomorrow. When I shop, I always get a basket and work my bicep carrying it around. I'm proud and ashamed to say that after tonight's trot around the store, my left bicep was a little shakey on the drive home.


What to drink?

The other day, the hubs and I went on a search for some new drink options. We are getting in the habit of reading labels and are tired of drinking soda. I usually only drink 1 per day, but the hubs drinks many more than that. The problem with diet soda is the amount of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. But if you compare that to the amount of sugar in regular soda, or even most juices, it's just crazy!!

We ended up getting some 100 percent juice, sparkling water and are considering getting one of the Soda Steam makers to make our own soda. What do you drink?


Turkey or bust

How do you handle the Thanksgiving holiday? Are you an over-eater who completely ignores you dieting plan, or do you eat the same way you would normally eat?

I tend to do something in the middle. I absolutely HATE to feel overly full, so even though I might love the way something tastes, I try to limit myself on big-eating holidays so I don't feel that way.

I usually have a little bit of meat, a sliver of pie and fill up on veggies or salad in between. This year, we are having green bean casserole, which hardly counts as a veggie, and a salad as my only two "green" options. Then I'll have some pumpkin pie!!

Have a happy thanksgiving!


Happy Anniversary to us!

 Four years ago today, we got married. 


Swamped at work

That pretty much sums up my mental capacity for the last few weeks. I'm so brain-fried by the end of the day that I just want to pet my dog and sit on the couch.

I did motivate myself enough to do some namaste yoga that I recorded on the dvr. It was good, but only lasted 30 minutes which isn't really enough yoga for me, so next time I might do each of the three segments twice.


Sore Legs McGee

The hubs has a habit of squeezing my leg when we are in restaurants (near my knee, you perve!). Today we went out to lunch and I nearly jumped out of my seat when he did it. Yesterday, I attempted to go for a run, but it was crazy-windy out and I just wasn't feeling it so I came back to the house and lifted in the garage. Of course, I focus on my legs because they are what bothers me most. Squats, lunges, calf raises and more lunges equal sore thighs and yanking away from the hubs under the table.

For me, the best way to get un-sore is to work those legs out again tomorrow.


I am a winner!

At work, we have an award that recognizes employees who live a healthy lifestyle and promote that healthy lifestyle to their peers. Next week, I will be honored for this award at a company-wide celebration.

One of my coworkers nominated me for losing 75 lbs, keeping it off and continually attempting to convince my coworkers to be aware of what they are eating. I also organized the biggest loser competition in the office and she knows about this little blog, but I didn't really want all of my 10k coworkers to know about this site where I share all of my insecurities. So we said I have a presence on the internet. I hope you all understand. ;)

I'm excited because not only do I get to be recognized for something that anyone who is trying to lose weight knows is a very hard thing to do (keeping it off) and I get a gift certificate to the company gym. We do have to pay to be a member there, and I choose not to do so. However, they do offer yoga and spinning classes for a fee, and you don't have to be a member to take those classes. So I plan to use my gift certificate to take some classes and get back in the groove of working out on a regular basis. My lazy self has really been slacking lately, so hopefully this will motivate me to get moving!


Lost my focus

I'm not sure if it's the weather change or the business at work taking a toll on my mental state, but I have seriously slacked on working out lately. Most of the fall I was in a pretty good groove of running with my sister and working out at home, but lately I just sit on my butt all evening.

I finally worked up the guts to step on the scale last Friday to see what the damage was. It was bad, but not as bad as I was expecting. Now that the holidays are almost here, it will be even harder for me to stay focused. All those pies and cookies and candies are my downfall.

I did walk a mile tonight and lift some weights, but I really need to be doing this every day. I know what I need to do, I just need to motivate myself to do it!


Pumpkin Oats

This morning, the hubs wanted to make chocolate chip pancakes, but also needed to get out the door quickly, so instead we both had oatmeal. He prefers the pre-packaged apple, while I made mine from oats + milk + pumpkin + pumpkin spice + splenda. It was so good!! I devoured it before I could take a picture, but it looked pretty good too.

I highly recommend it if you want more pumpkin in your life. Now, I have to figure out what I can do with the rest of the pumpkin and I have a puff pastry left over too from something else. Time to search for some recipes.


Hair talks

I'm curious if any of my loyal blog readers have experienced a brazilian blowout? I'm considering walking down this path - maybe as an anniversary or Christmas present to myself.

During the summer my curly-frizztastic hair is okay to deal with because it looks pretty good with the help of humidity (shown above is a "summer straight" day from August). However, winter static makes my hair look "meh" at best - curly or straight. One of my friends recently had her hair "blow-ed out" (that's 100% correct right?) and she said it was much easier to manage and was extremely pleased with the outcomes.

So, anyone else have any feedback for me?


Halloween weekend

This weekend has been one of ups and downs for me. I had a really great time seeing friends Saturday and the hubs' family Sunday. I even picked pecans with my father in law and our youngest cousin asked for me to hold her - both of which were firsts for me! Remember all the trees at my FIL's house? Two of them produce pecans, and while they are still a little green according to my FIL, they taste good to me!!

We had a bonfire in the backyard with friends Saturday night and were able to use the bench my dad made for us. It was awesome to only lug two chairs back there instead of four or more, depending on the number of guests

Then there's the candy. And my recent downfall - candy corn and peanuts. I finally threw the rest of them away today so I will stop eating that sweet/salty goodness. We had a bunch of trick or treaters last night so I was on candy duty while the hubs took dog duty. Luckily we don't have much candy left so I won't be so tempted to eat it.