What to drink?

The other day, the hubs and I went on a search for some new drink options. We are getting in the habit of reading labels and are tired of drinking soda. I usually only drink 1 per day, but the hubs drinks many more than that. The problem with diet soda is the amount of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. But if you compare that to the amount of sugar in regular soda, or even most juices, it's just crazy!!

We ended up getting some 100 percent juice, sparkling water and are considering getting one of the Soda Steam makers to make our own soda. What do you drink?


Katie said...

When we try to avoid the artificial sweeteners I mainly drink water with lemon juice, and Danny likes regular unsweetened ice tea.

I also like to drink hot tea plain or with honey, or you could buy some agave nectar (it's a natural, organic sweetener). You don't need a lot of it and it's better for you than Splenda.

Sarah said...

I should look into agave. I see it all the time lately, but I haven't bought any yet.

Today, I drank my tea unsweetened. It was pretty tough to get more than half down.

Katie said...

I just saw agave nectar at our Schnucks! You know that if it's made its way to our store you can probably find it somewhere near you.