Hair talks

I'm curious if any of my loyal blog readers have experienced a brazilian blowout? I'm considering walking down this path - maybe as an anniversary or Christmas present to myself.

During the summer my curly-frizztastic hair is okay to deal with because it looks pretty good with the help of humidity (shown above is a "summer straight" day from August). However, winter static makes my hair look "meh" at best - curly or straight. One of my friends recently had her hair "blow-ed out" (that's 100% correct right?) and she said it was much easier to manage and was extremely pleased with the outcomes.

So, anyone else have any feedback for me?


liz said...

I saw someone last night at the Boccie who just had one, she had very curl hair. stright as a stick now, but wants the body back, but not the frizz. Others say very highly over rated and priced.

Your hair looks nice the way it is, but us girls just can't be satsified.

StLmom said...

I did a keratin treatment a month ago and love it. I still have plenty of body and don't have to flatiron. I can even air dry! Do it!

Celeste said...

Jamie B had it done before AP's wedding. Ami Kretz has had it, too. Asking either one of them would be a good place to start :-)

Katie said...

How long does it take you to straighten your hair?

I can see this being worth it for someone who has really long and/or unruly curls, but your hair doesn't seem to be either. When your hair is straight, it looks natural to me, like it didn't take a lot of product or heat (or damage) to do it. But if it takes you longer than 30-45 on a daily basis and you have extra money to throw around, go for it.

Sarah said...

Celeste - Jamie B was the one that gave me the idea after I saw her in Sfield.

Katie - it does take significantly longer to straighten my hair than wear it curly, but it's probably not 45 min.

I'm just frustrated that my curliness seems to have faded and it doesn't curl well anymore, so I straighted almost every day and I thought this might be a good option to speed things up in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I had it done a week ago. I have long thick hair. It now has no body and looks glued to my head. I noticed yesterday that one section in the front now looks broken off. I started looking into it further...if you do a treatment you might want to consider another brand and not the Brazilian Blowout product.