FIL's house: the eggs

Taking a page out of one of my favorite blogs, I'm house-crashing, at my father-in-law's. This is different because I'm not so much looking in the house, but outside and around at the way my FIL lives and eats. My FIL lives out in the country on several acres of land, giving him plenty of room to garden and really "live off the land." One of the ways my FIL he does that is by raising chickens for their eggs. The hubs and I aren't sure but we think this building was always used for chickens. It's on the land next to my FIL's house - he bought it when the little old lady who lived there passed on. So the chicken coup is actually a building with plenty of room for them to cluck around. Only one cock lives there to take care of his ladies. He's the guy in the middle below.

I went timidly into the coup to grab the eggs from the weekend while we were there. I think my FIL had grabbed a few days before, but I found 14 eggs. The chickens were interested in me, but seemed to flock to the corner once they saw I was just there to get some eggs.

The great thing about these eggs is that they are made from those lovely chickens who have plenty of room to move around, and are not fed any steroids or other drugs.

And those are just some of the benefits. The true benefit for me is the taste. The yolks are more yellow than the store-bought eggs we have to buy when we can't get to my FIL fast enough, and they just taste much better.

Do you know where the chickens lived to produce the eggs you eat? Something to think about.

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