FIL's house: the bees

Can you tell my other love is taking pictures? I had a really good time walking around the FIL's house with the pup and taking pics.

The other shot I had of the beehive had several bees swarming it, but you couldn't see the "door" and I thought that was more important.

The bees are just one more way the FIL "lives off the land" out in the country. I'm not sure if he actually does anything with this hive, but I know someone* comes and makes some delicious honey out of it. A jar of that honey is sitting in my pantry right now. The hubs has terrible allergies and we've heard that eating local honey can help prevent some seasonal allergies. While this honey is not made in our backyard, it's closer than that bear in the supermarket, I promise.

*someone = the hubs' dad's friends' father. 

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