My new goal

My new semi-obsession is to make things from scratch instead of buying jars of it from the store. Since I have a plethora of tomatoes (we planted 7 plants for 2 people, one of which does not like tomatoes in their raw form) and hate buying canned stuff, I'm going to attempt to make spaghetti sauce from scratch. If you are a cook or chef, or can manage somewhat decently in the kitchen, you are probably laughing at me. But I am a complete klutz in the kitchen. If I stray from a recipe, things taste awful. I forget about them when they just need a few more minutes in the oven, and it ends up being charred.

So my new goal is to make an edible, made-from-scratch spaghetti sauce. My very-Italian coworker has provided me with her family's recipe. We'll see how it goes.

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Katie said...

The good thing about making your own marinara is that it actually tastes better the longer you let it cook. :) My family and I have yet to ruin our homemade sauce.