Turkey talk

Did you know there are different levels of ground turkey - similar to ground beef? I was having a conversation this weekend with someone who didn't know you can buy 99 percent fat free ground turkey, as well as the regular ground turkey, which I think is 93/7. There might even be a lower grade, but I've never touched it.

Most of the time, the hubs and I buy 99 percent, which is ground turkey breast. It's a lot more dry than the 93/7, especially if you are making turkey burgers. But if you are going to make any soup or sauce, like spaghetti with it, it's great and so much better for you! I want to tell you that it's good for meatloaf, but the only recipe I've tried for meatloaf was horrible, so I can't.

What is your favorite way to cook ground turkey?


Katie said...

My favorite way to cook ground turkey IS meatloaf! And yeah, I try and stick to the ground turkey breast. :)

I don't use a recipe per se, but when I make turkey meatloaf I try to add more seasonings since turkey is blander than beef, and more veggies since it adds more moisture.

I add flavor with seasoned bread crumbs (as opposed to regular) and LOTS of Worcestershire sauce, along with whatever other seasonings I feel like using that day. To add moisture through veggies I use more green bell peppers and onions than I would in a regular meatloaf. Doing it this way creates a flavorful loaf that never crumbles from being too dry.

You should try it again, it my favorite!

Oh, and for turkey burgers, you can use a light or fat-free dressing mixed in with the ground beef before you form the patties to add flavor and moisture. Yum!

Sarah said...

I'll need a very specific recipe to make meatloaf. I've found that me "trying things" in the kitchen usually is not good.