Birthdays and Vacuums

My husband is 29 today. We are spending the night at home, after having gone out to eat twice in the last week to celebrate. I didn't really get him anything yet, but I want to get him/us a new coffeemaker. He's also still working on building his keezer, which is not a super-cheap project, so that also counts as part of his birthday present.

In other news of the past week, I finally bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I've had my eye on the Animal Ball for a while now. They were on sale at Target for $439 so I decided to snag one. So far, I've used it on carpet, tile and on the couch. I'm pretty pleased with the results and love seeing the canister fill up with puggie hair. If the dog didn't bark at the dang thing so much I'd try to vacuum him directly to get the hair straight from the source!

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