At work, we have photo contests. We all bring in photos and hang them on the cube walls for everyone to walk by and talk about. I think it's a way for my boss to sneak in some teambuilding. In December, we all brought in our best/worst kid with santa photos. Last week we brought in wedding/prom photos for Valentine's Day. I decided to be brave and hang up one of each.

My high school prom photo was pretty much the peak of my not-pretty time. I was overweight and had not yet figured out how to deal with curly hair and bushy eyebrows.

Once I got through my first year of college, I decided to make a change. I started wearing my curly hair with curls and joined weight watchers. I lost some weight that summer, but I think I really transformed junior and senior year of college.

Everyone at work had no idea who that girl in the picture was! It was strange because they didn't really believe me that those two people were really the same person. Sometimes I think it's great that no one knows me - for example when I run in to people from high school who used to tease me about my weight - but other times it would be nice if you could still see it in my face that I'm the same person.

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