Photos from Emily and Rusty's wedding

From Emily and Rusty's wedding
Bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner.

Emily and Rusty aka "Russ" as an adult.


The entire group minus family

Dad and his girls - all grown up

Emily getting ready for her wedding

Flower shot

Mom and me lacing up Emily's dress

This was a long process...

Waiting for picture time

From Emily and Rusty's wedding

Rusty waiting for the ceremony to start

They are now husband and wife, and on the party bus!!!

Love it.

At the Demenil House taking photos after the ceremony.

Russ and the bridesmaids


posing for photos

At Tower Grove Park

Rusty said "I don't do dips." Apparently he does.

I thought this was a good "artistic" shot.

Another artsy shot at the reception

My main squeeze and my good buddy Katie

Cutting the cake

Some guy pulled my grandma onto the dance floor! It was awesome!!

Newly en-fianced Denise and Stockton stopped by to say hi. This is Denise, me and Katie at the end of the night.

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Jessica said...

Everything was beautiful!