Mrs. Civic Here

Tomorrow will be our first day with the new civic. Since I have zero time off built up at the new job, hubby is coming to get the truck from me at work, drive out to the dealer (who gave us a pretty good deal on the car btw), pick up General from my parents' house and then go back to IL for the football game tomorrow night.

As for my experience with the dealer (Stephen Vincel Honda), I've found that I like working with the internet specialist and working out the price that way, but only if they are computer-savvy enough to figure out how to communicate well online. Some of the dealers would only send pre-fab emails and make me call them. Some would not answer all of my questions in one email, and make me ask several times. Others didn't believe me when I was trying to compare prices... so I went with the dealer who seemed to know what they were talking about. When I went the other night to test-drive, the dude I was emailing wasn't there, but his helper chick was awesome to work with. She knew what she was talking about, didn't try to up-sell me and was helpful overall. Last night when I closed the deal, Helper Chick wasn't there, so I had to work with the Internet Dude. He was one of those techie people that knows what they are doing on the computer, but has zero people skills. And he's slow. I was there for over an hour for what should have only taken about 20 min.

So that's what I think about my new dealer in case you were interested. NEW CAR TOMORROW!!! WHOOOO!!!!

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