Mr. and Mrs. Civic

So we're looking at buying a new car and trading in Michael's truck. He will be taking over my manual civic and I think I'm going to get a new civic.

The civic is the only car that we can both agree on, that is also a good deal. The civic is a smart purchase right now, especially with last weekend's hurricane affecting the gas prices practically overnight. We want something that we can drive for several years. Comparing a camry with a civic's gas mileage, driving an average of 3300 miles in a month (which is what I drove last month), we would spend an extra $125/month in gas plus an extra $10 in car payments. The main reasons we want to buy a new car:

1. truck just rolled over 75k miles.
2. truck has something wrong with it. we need to invest in keeping it for a while and fix it or get rid of it.
3. truck loan has 9.5 interest rate.
4. sarah needs an automatic in STL traffic.
5. gas prices are on the rise my friend.

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