This Weekend

From the night Emily and Russ got engaged:

To this weekend.... My baby sister is getting married.

It's a little scary to think that the girl I used to claw at, pull hair out of and play "OH NO!" with is grown-up enough to get married. Although she's dated Russ since she was 17, and they've been together for like 8 years, it still seems like she's a youngster. I keep picturing the sweet little face that looked up into the video camera dad was holding and asked "whaddya doin?" and then bored with dad's response, "can I go down the street and play with Daniel?" Where is that sweet little face now? It's currently morphed into the bridezilla face we have all learned to accommodate the past few months. (I'm praying Bridezilla will go away on Sunday.)

Of course I'm extremely happy and proud of my sister and I will be standing at her side on Saturday as Matron of Honor, welcoming Russ as my only brother into the family.

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