Zucchini Chips

I saw some zucchini chips on pinterest today and came home to make them for dinner. Of course, the hubs wanted no part of these things and had canned green beans instead. I thought they were okay, not amazing, but might be better dipped in some ranch dressing - if you like that sort of thing.

I dipped them in fat-free milk, then a mixture of bread crumbs/shredded parmesan/garlic salt. I didn't measure, so just do what you think looks good. I put too much salt, so go easy on the salt. Then bake at 425 for 30 min.

Ignore my classy green-lid photography. I just grabbed a tupperware lid because I didn't want to throw them on the bare table.


daybydaybyDenise said...

I made these tonight. We really liked them. I used a combo of plain bc and panko. I made some "ranch" with sour cream and the powder seasoning. yum!

Jsal said...

I just saw a recipe for carrot cake oatmeal on pinterest. Not sure how you feel about carrot cake, but I know you like oatmeal....I think it sounds yummy! here's the link:

I didn't log into it's not pinned on my page.

Sarah with a Sweet Tooth said...

@denise - glad you liked them!! I wish I had some ranch in the house, but I didn't. :(

@jsal - I LOVE carrot cake. definitely one of my favs.