Shower part #2

Yesterday was my "friend" shower. It was a great time and I have to give props to my friend Katie for planning everything down to the smallest detail with absolute cute-ness. I think everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.

Katie made that It's a Boy! sign! She's so crafty.

This salad was awesome to eat and looks good too!

The cupcakes were delish too, but I think I liked the cake pops better. I didn't get a photo of those...

A cute Cardinals outfit!

These are washcloth cupcakes all the way from Dallas!

This might be my favorite onesie of the day. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies. 

After the shower, I was absolutely exhausted, but stayed up until 10:30pm. I did not MOVE from where I fell asleep until 630am! That has not happened in MONTHS. I usually have to get up for a bathroom break at least twice.

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