Don't hate me...

But I'm really not a fan of being pregnant. I do think I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't have a terrible pregnancy, but I thought for years that I would just LOVE being pregnant. I thought I'd love feeling the baby move, have a growing belly and all the attention. The truth is, I don't like any of those things. I feel like a bad mother already saying that I don't like to feel him move, but I really like it better when he's asleep and still. I don't like all the banging around and pushing on my bladder. I don't like being able to see his movements through my shirt.

As we approach the third trimester, I'm already looking forward to giving birth and being done with this process. I think the next few weeks will go by quickly and then the holidays always fly by. So, by the time it's Jan. 2, I'll be ready to do this thing. And, that week will be 37 weeks, so maybe he will be ready too.

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