Nesting project #1

To make room for the baby, I'm slowly cleaning out the current guest bedroom. We had a garage sale this weekend and I sold a bunch of clothes and the nightstand from that bedroom, as well as a lot of "junk." I was pretty pleased with $161 for all of my junk. My parents and sister, and even my grandma, brought over some of their junk to sell too, and total we made about $370. I was proud of that until I talked to the family across the street and found out they made $1,000!!

Anyway, in my cleaning out process, I found some of our wedding stuff. I've been holding on to every RSVP card and every congratulations card that came with a gift for the past five years. The hubs told me it was okay to let them go. I threw away the RSVPs, but I saw on pinterest an idea for a project involving the cards. Some other blogger had made a map of the places they went together, cutting out the map from colored scrap paper. I decided that my wedding cards could easily serve as scrap paper.

So, I sorted all of the cards into a "pretty" and "usable" pile (on the left) and the rest of them for the recycle bin (on the right). 

Then I traced a map from an atlas and cut it out, then traced again on the cards and cut those out - similar to the blogger's instructions. I bought a canvas (with a 40% off coupon so it was only $8) and painted it with some paint I had left over from another project. 

Then I glued with mod podge on the bottom and covered with two thin layers on top. I glued some fun squares as the places-we've-been-already markers ($2.99 in the glitter/bedazzle section)
I'm still considering putting some kind of working on there, but I don't really like "Oh the places we'll go" so much. I'm open to suggestions. Obviously, we need to work on our western states a bit.

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Katie O. said...

CUTE! We haven't been as many places as you guys yet, but I think I may copy this project. :)