Rough week

At 26 weeks, I weighed in at 232 lbs. The doc told me I've now gained all that I was allotted to gain during the entire pregnancy. She told me to not drink soda (I don't), not eat fried foods (I don't) and not drink much juice (I only drink it to take my daily dose of fiber for necessary reasons).

In addition to that bad news, she also told me I will have to take the glucose test again in 6 weeks to make sure I haven't developed gestational diabetes.

I'm not having a good time this week.

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Liz said...

Ugh that sucks. Don't they know you just grow big babies! Sheesh.

I'm having a crappy day too. Nothing baby related, but just an overall crap day so you're not the only one having a bad week. Hang in there. Everything will all be better/different in a few more months.

Oh and my mom said she gained like 70lbs with me. Obviously way too much but she didn't get the baby 'betes and other than some serious stretch marks, all was fine.