28 weeks

This morning I weighed in at 231. That's down a pound in case you are keeping track!! I'm hoping that's just from all of the walking I've been doing every night. I have a route around our neighborhood that is 1.6 miles. I'm not moving very fast, but at least I'm trucking along.

I had my first shower last weekend and we now have a queen-sized bed full of baby things. I'm scared to open them/put them away because I'm not sure what I should keep versus what I should return. So, for now, they will stay in piles according to their gift receipt. After my next shower, I'll evaluate and make decisions. Speaking of decisions, I'm finding it more difficult to make them. I'm usually pretty quick to decide what I want, but there are just too many options out there for everything!! I've spent the last two evenings crawling the internet, reading reviews and searching for the best price on a car seat/stroller travel system and a pack'n play/bassinet combo. I know that I want to have a two-fer if it's available so I don't have to buy as much stuff (and then store it later). So a pack'n play with a bassinet can pull double duty and not have me buy a bassinet at all. Seem silly if you are only going to use it for a few months to purchase two things.

On another note, this weekend is our 5-year wedding anniversary!! I wish I could celebrate with some wine, but we are already planning a trip to stay at a winery that has cabins next spring, so I'll just have to wait.

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