Weight watchers

Let's talk about weight watchers. When I first started losing weight (waaaay back in 2001), I did it on WW. I went to meetings, counted points and eventually started working out. I didn't always count points after I lost the first 40 or so pounds, but I could figure them out in my head pretty easily. I've kept my point slider, but somewhere along the way I lost my book that had the points listed in it. (I think my dad or sister had it at one point and who knows where it ended up)

Three weeks ago, I joined WW online. This is the new plan, PointsPlus. If you are not familiar with WW, my take on it is that they basically changed the way points are calculated and gave you a lot more points per day since a lot of the items are worth more points to eat.

I used to get 24 points per day. When I first joined a few weeks ago, I got 49. 49 per day!! After a week of trying it that way, I realized that's so MANY points. So, I told WW that I was no longer nursing the baby (even though I am) so that my daily allotment of points would go down. Now I have 38 per day and it's still way too much for me. I have lost 0 lbs on this program so far, and usually have extra points every day that I don't use. I don't tap into the "bonus points" at all. I don't add any activity points. The other day we got ice cream after dinner, and I still had 2 points left after my hot fudge sundae.

I'm not sure what the issue is - and maybe is a "it's not them, it's me" situation. I paid for 3 months up front, so I guess I'll continue since I already paid for it, but usually I'd lose weight at the beginning then taper off. Something has to help me get rid of these baby lbs.

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