5 months

I cannot believe my son is already five months old. We celebrated fourth of July this week with a couple of pool parties, some BBQ and lots of naps.

We started feeding him carrots and peas two weeks ago and it's going really well. He loves carrots, but didn't hate peas. I think the peas have a different texture which threw him off for a bit, but he seemed to like the taste.

He's almost wearing 12-month clothes. Most of his six-month onesies are too short, and the nine-month sleepers are getting too small.

We finally transitioned from sink-baths to tub-baths. He seems to like it in the tub, but we have been keeping him up too late and he is too tired = crabby. When he's like that, laughing easily transitions to whimpering and then screaming bloody murder.

He wants to crawl and speak so badly, but has not mastered either one yet. He's working on them though, and I know it won't be long before he's all over the place and talking up a storm.

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