18 weeks

At my checkup this week at the OB's office, the baby's heartbeat was in the 140s - lower than it has been. It was in the 160s last time, so I guess that means it's developing?  I gained nine - yes nine - pounds in the last four weeks according to her scale* and she said that was "a perfect weight gain so far" so I'll take her word for it. :)

She was shocked that I can feel the baby moving already - and have been for a couple of weeks now. I think the hubs' explanation says it best "He's strong like bull."** If it is a boy, and if he's anything like his daddy, he will be naturally super strong and my poor organs better watch out in the next few months.

On my own scale at the house, I weighed 212 this morning. I'm mostly posting this here as a way to keep track of my weight gain for my own personal knowledge - not because I think you all want to know. Some of you have been reading this forever, and know that weight is an issue for me, so I'll continue to post about it. I'm sure it will be much more of an issue next spring when I'm trying to lose it all! Right now, it's just part of the process. After the baby is born and I have the go-ahead to work out again, you can bet my butt will be focused.

*I was wearing corduroy pants - those things weigh more than most pants!!

**The hubs has been calling the baby "he" for a while now. We do not know this for a fact. We find out in two weeks.


MJ said...

Have I mentioned mentioned how excited I am for you? No??


here it goes..


Sarah with a Sweet Tooth said...

Thanks!! We are excited too!! :)

jin said...

Leave it to Michael to predetermine the gender of ur child.....somehow I'm not surprised he chose it to be a boy.....but I think he'd be a great dad to a girl too! Imagine him doing a little tea party w/ a girl! It would be a pic worthy moment.

Sarah with a Sweet Tooth said...

Jin, I will be SURE to take that photo and post on FB!!!