Everyone has been asking me how I'm going to decorate the nursery - almost since day one. I really had no idea and I was trying to wait to see if the boy/girl decision (Sept. 21) gave me any inspiration. I went to Babies R Us a few weeks ago with a friend because she needed to pick up something. While we were there, I decided to peruse the bedding to see if anything jumped out at me.

Most of it was too "baby" looking for my tastes - lots of pastel colors and cutsey animal prints. I just didn't really like most of it. I was walking away pretty disappointed - not to mention SHOCKED at the prices. This miniature bedding is more expensive than the king-sized stuff I bought for our bed!!

Then, as we were walking toward the door, we spotted the clearance section. I found it. I loved this pattern and it was on clearance. I sent a pic to the hubs to get his approval and bought it.

The set came with a comforter, diaper holder, bed skirt, fitted sheet (the polka dot) and bumpers. I love the classy colors and that it's gender-neutral. I can add pink or blue to make it more girly or manly. The bunny's are cute, but not too overly baby-looking.

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Rebekah J said...

LOVE IT. Want for my room.