Time to move it!

I have the all clear to work out now. I went to my six-week check-up yesterday so I'm free to do whatever exercise I want! My parents gave me a heart rate monitor for Christmas, and I'm excited to start putting it to good use! The doctor did tell me that I need to take it slow at first because my body is still adjusting to not being pregnant and will continue to do so for three months.

The pain in my leg is definitely my sciatic nerve and she said that if it's still bothering me after three months to call her. That seems like a long time to me, but I guess the body is pretty good at healing itself.

My first step (haha) is to start incorporating some jogging into my daily walks. However, I normally walk with the baby in the baby bjorn, so I'll have to modify some jogging into evening walk/runs when the hubs can take care of the baby while mommy works out.

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