Long time, no see

Well that was quite a hiatus. I didn't really plan on taking a huge break from blogging, and to be honest, I will probably continue to be sporadic. I rarely get on a computer at home anymore. I'm on my phone non-stop, but typing blog posts is just not a priority lately.

What's been going on? Well, the boy is 19 months old. He's trying to talk, learning new words every day. Of course, we are the only ones who can semi-interpret what he's saying. He can say momma, dadda, duck, dog, diaper, night night pretty consistently. He will say lots of other words as he's repeating them, but those are the ones he says unprompted.

He is just now starting to watch any amount of television for more than 5 seconds. He likes Mickey Mouse Club and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My husband is trying to teach him "yo ho ho."

He eats whatever he wants, for the most part. I would tell you what he likes/doesn't like but it changes day to day. He will always eat a graham cracker and yogurt. Most fruits and veggies, but he goes in spurts of loving different ones. Some nights he will eat chicken or fish, others he won't touch it and gives it all to the dog.

How's momma? On the weight front, I'm down about 15lbs since January. Yesterday I weighed 204. I've been using MyFitnessPal app on my phone and logging my calories. I was doing it religiously for a while, but slacked in late July/August. I'm getting back on track now. I was dropping a pound a week until I quit tracking. I haven't gained but I really need to stay on target. I also really need to build some muscle. I'm so weak and my back is continuing to hurt because of it.

So, I've been trying to do some pilates, push-ups, air squats and lots of core work every night while we play on the floor after dinner. I do different things each night to mix it up, but always core as part of my PT for my back.

I'm switching roles at work - a completely lateral move - to do something slightly different. This is exciting and I'm glad for the opportunity to learn, but I'm really hoping to grow my career into the next step of managing people and earning more money. I get paid enough for a double income family, but since we are living off one income, I feel the need to bring home more bacon.

What has been going on with you? I really have not been reading blogs since Google turned off reader. I signed up for feedly but it's not the same, and I just haven't cared that much about my blogs as much as I used to.

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