Almost 8 weeks after surgery

I think this recent conversation pretty much sums up my back:

"How's your back doing?"

"It's SOOO much better, but it's not perfect the way it was before I was pregnant. I still feel some tingling and pain down my legs."

"It may never be perfect."

I'm trying to come to terms with that. I'm still not allowed to work out, really. My doc said I could walk on a treadmill and lift very light hand weights, but not over my head and don't use a lot of back muscles. I've been doing some very minimal ab exercises - the ones that involve laying on my back and not stressing anything other than my abs. I'm too scared to do hand weights even because I don't want to make anything worse. I can wait 4 more weeks until my 12-week check up to see if I can start lifting things more than 10lbs.

Maybe then I can start PT to work up to lifting heavier things - like my son, for example. He's up to 33 lbs now, so he's no small feat for my weakling self.

Speaking of him, I get emails about "my preschooler" now (instead of my "toddler") so I guess that's what he is officially. He's just The. Cutest. Thing. lately. I can't even describe how much I enjoy seeing his little brain work things out, or learn new words, or count to ten. He continually misses 7 for some reason. I'm working on it though.

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