I really need to find some motivation. Tomorrow makes two weeks of little man being out in the world and I feel like I'm already slacking to get this weight off. He is a very skilled nap-taker, so it's not like I don't have the time. I just love having him take naps in my lap. :) He's so cute when he's sleeping because now he makes faces while he's dreaming. If he's not on my lap, I might miss it!

I also have no excuse because we have a treadmill. It was a life-saver while I was pregnant because I walked on it almost every evening for 20 minutes, or 1 mile - whichever came first. If we didn't, I could just say that it's too cold outside and I can't take the baby with me to go for a walk. (I'm only allowed to walk for another two weeks - doctor's orders.)

Basically I'm just writing this to try to motivate myself to get moving. These 30 extra pounds aren't going anywhere unless I make them.


Anonymous said...

Do you also realize its been two weeks and you still have yet to mention his name or call him anything besides "him" or "the baby"?

Sarah with a Sweet Tooth said...

Yep. I actually do that on purpose. I promise, I don't call him "baby" in real life. Just online.