baby food talk

We've been experimenting with more foods. For a while, the babe was eating carrots, peas, peaches and rice cereal for every meal (mostly just dinner). Now, we've added a consistent lunch and introduced green beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini, oatmeal, bananas, applesauce and chicken. I've made everything myself except applesauce (we just happened to have some already). He has tried peas and green beans from the store (Gerber organic) that a friend gave me because her daughter didn't like them. He likes them okay, but only if they are warm instead of room temperature.

At his 6-mo check up, the pediatrician told us to start feeding him whatever we eat, just pureed. We haven't ventured to that yet, but soon. We have stockpiles of frozen still in the freezer. We have been letting him taste a few things though - pasta salad, fro-yo, eggs. It's so much fun to see his face when he tastes something for the first time. I'm loving it!

He didn't do very well the first time we tried chicken - I think it was a little too dry and hard for him to swallow. I'm going to try mixing it with his favorite (carrots) to see if he will do better. He's working on the chewing motion and putting little pieces of food in front of him is 20 minutes of entertainment while he tries to work on a pincer grasp.

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