2 days - no sweets.

So I'm on my third day of weight watchers. I think my body is finally beginning to accept the fact that the holidays are over and we are no longer binge eating. I'm feeling better already. I've also done yoga the past two nights (to accomplish that, I literally have to force myself to stop reading Breaking Dawn for 30 minutes, which is rather difficult).

I weighed in at 193 for my first week. I'm telling you this because I feel like if I put it out there, it will make me accountable. Last year at this time, I tried to keep track on the bathroom wall, thinking that if I posted it somewhere public, it would work. Apparently my bathroom is not public enough because I'm only down 5 lbs. My goal is officially 170, which is approximately 12 percent. WW wants you to start with a 5 percent loss, so I'm aiming high.

Did you know that you can have 13 animal crackers for 3 points? I find that much more interesting than 1 graham cracker with a tablespoon of PB for the same 3 points. I have to find sweets somewhere in this journey :)

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