Chief ate the baby Jesus.

Last night was our farewell to Andrew and Jess, and Mr. and Mrs. Beast. So while we were talking last night, Jess told us the story of how Chief, their dog, ate the baby Jesus out of Andrew's parent's nativity scene and that he was in puppy jail because of it. Apparently Jesus is now just a head and torso with no limbs after Chief got ahold of him.

Here's Chief in his new custom-made Illini shirt. I was really glad to see this because now I know that my parents aren't the only one's who consider their adult child's pet as Grandbaby #1.

We closed down the bar, and it still seemed too soon to see our friends go back to their homes and force us back into reality. I really hope we can go visit Fort Bragg this spring.

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JSal said...

How could anything so cute be so evil!?