Pics from Dallas

Background notes: I became friends with Denise in the 6th grade. We lived in the same neighborhood, rode the same bus to school and bonded when a mutual friend moved away. At some point, we also befriended Kate. For about two years, the three of us were inseparable. Then Kate went to a private high school and it was never really the same. Somehow we all stayed friends attending three different colleges and now we are all grown up and living in three different states. This picture is circa 1995 while we were in 8th grade (I'm guessing here. I think Kate had braces in 8th grade.) I will probably get yelled at for sharing this very flattering image with the internets.

While I've heard a DD is coming to the metro area, I have not heard of one being opened remotely near my home or office, so I'm not excited. While in Dallas, Kate and I were adamant that we go at least once to get some DD coffee. I tried the chocolate flavor and it was pretty darn tasty.

It's crazy how much the three of us have changed since we became friends in middle school, but I'm glad we finally spent some time together and hung out like we used too. This time there were no ouiji boards or cooking s'mores on the gas stovetop at our parent's house like we used to on early dismissal days.


daybydaybyDenise said...

Yeah, that looks like my 8th grade bang hair cut... :0)

Katie said...

Re: DD. Yeah, the only real one opening is in Kirkwood. The developers are not from St. Louis and when they released their statement it said, "Kirkwood and North County". Well, by NoCo they mean the airport, which DOES NOT count.

Clearly this is something I'm very passionate about. :)