To Dallas and back

I had a whirlwind weekend in Dallas, spending time with two of my good buds from middle school. We kept talking about how much we don't get to see each other, but that when we do manage to hang out we all know each other so well that it's always a good time.

We went to IKEA (my first time) and Allen Outlet mall. We had Dunkin Donuts and spent a large amount of time at Ann Taylor. I was thisclose to buying a new Coach purse, but the thought of telling the hubs about my purchase deterred me. We went out for awesome mexican (I could not eat salsa or guac at this place, but my chicken fajitas were awesome. The tortillas were hand made) and grilled kabobs at Denise's cute house.

It was a great weekend and I am already thinking about the next time I visit. I want to bring the hubs down with me so Denise's hubs can hang without so much estrogen and shopping.

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