the shred continues

I've been doing Jillian's 30-day shred for a week and a half. I thought it was pretty easy last night on level 1, so tonight I decided to up the ante a bit.


That was a challenge. Even though I'm not a "huge" or "obese" person anymore, I'm not "small" either and holding myself up in a plank position for most of the workout was definitely much harder than the stuff we do on level 1.

The bad news is, after 1 week of doing the shred AND weight watchers, I gained a pound. To stay sane, I've told myself it's muscle. I hope it's muscle. I told the hubs that I would give Jillian 2 more weeks of shredding, and if I gain more lbs, we have to try something else.

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Katie said...

Take your measurements now and make sure to figure that in after the two weeks are up. Hopefully even if you "gained" a pound or two, you may have lost some inches. Make sure to not just measure your bust/waist/hips, but also your thighs, calves, and biceps. Good luck!