blog versus status update

I'm not sure if any other bloggers feel this way, but I sort of feel like facebook has become my blog. I can post when I want, even from my phone. People can comment. Most of the people who read this blog know me in real life and only 1 or 2 of you is not on the book. I mean, even my grandma is on FB.

It serves as my outlet on the internets to be my extroverted self, AND I can set the privacy how I want. I do not share any photos with friends of friends. Or anything else for that matter. So while it's harder for some random internet lurker to read my oh-so-enlightening-posts on FB, that is probably one of the few "downsides." Maybe some of you don't consider that a downside, but I do. I have found several blogs that I'm now addicted to by random clicks through other's blogs. The two I read first every day are Young House Love and Roni's Weigh. They are very different, but both inspire me to either decorate my house, or lose weight. Both of those are pretty high on my to-do list and I would not have found either of them on FB.

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