How I found my new purse

A few years ago, right before we got married, I googled my to-be self. I'm sure most brides want to know what the internet has to say about them when they become Mrs. X. So what I found was mostly some high school track athlete, an artist somewhere on the east coast, and a momblog who also happened to live in the same state as me. After reading her momblog, I saw that she linked to her "job blog" which was selling cute purses in the small town she lives in, but posts pictures online. So I threw her in my reader and have been lurking ever since.

Recently, she started shipping the purses in addition to just selling them in the store, so I decided to buy one today. Turns out we are both married in to the name, and our middle names are very similar as well. If I like the purse, I might buy another. You know, keep it in the family.

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